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Posted: 14 November 2007 at 5:35pm | IP Logged Quote Crownvortex

Pittsburgh's Mayan Connection

Every place in the Ancient Landscape of Earth is sacred and holds the seeds of the completion of the Divine Plan. Where we, individually and collectively, are guided to live and work naturally becomes an intrinsic part of the spiritual journey during these last days of the Created Worlds.

In 1998 Nance Erhardt Stewart and Frank Bennett Keller met in Western Pennsylvania and began an extraordinary spiritual journey together as Twin Souls. They were guided to discover secrets hidden within the Ancient Landscape of Western Pennsylvania. In doing so, they received revelations that connected Western Pennsylvania to Biblical Prophecy, Buddhist Prophecy, indigenous Native American Prophecy including the Mayans, and Islam. Two of several of the secrets that connect Western Pennsylvania and the great Mayan Civilization are the subjects of this post. One is a direct connection in ancient times between Western Pennsylvania and the Mayans. The other reveals The Crown of Venus, twelve Universal Light Portals secreted in the Ancient Landscape of Earth, that were to be activated from 2001-2007. One of those twelve Portals was hidden in the Ancient Landscape of Western Pennsylvania. Much of Nance and Frank’s early journey together was to find and activate this Maya or Maha Yuga Portal before September 11, 2001. The transmissions received by Nance and Frank revealed that the Mayans themselves would verify the Crown of Venus and the twelve Univeral Light Portals through a secret Mayan glyph, still to be interpreted.  The Pittsburgh Portal's verification from the Mayans would occur specifically in 2009.

Beginning in 1998 Nance and Frank jointly received revelatory transmissions in the swirling shapes of sacred geometry, which Nance had learned to read.

Revelations were revealed also in shared visionary dreams and through the reflections in the eyes of a magnificent being named Mayajaraom or Mahajaraom.   Maha appeared in both spiritual and physical manifestation. This magnificent being’s head was crowned with luminous bright red, gold, bronze, and green eagle feathers; his body undulated like a mighty serpent around which flowed a similarly colored clock of feathers; and his crystal blue or obsidian eyes reflected visions of the past and the future. Only in 2002, when they began to read about the great Mayan civilization and study the Mayan Calendar, did they recognize that Mayajarom resembled mythical discriptions of Kukulhan or Quetzalcoatl (the feathered or plumed serpent), the Mayan Lord of Light.

Quetzalcoatl, The Feathered Serpent by Suzanne Iles

The First Americans

The first secret Mayan connection was revealed to Nance and Frank in successive transmissions from 1999-2004 and it made a direct connection between Western Pennsylvania and the Mayan civilization. Ancient peoples from Western Pennsylvania were among the forefathers of the Great Mayan Civilization.   Various transmissions revealed that these ancient peoples, among the very First Americans, came from Northern Europe crossing the ocean and following the  edge of the great last glacier into Western Pennsylvania about 17,000 years ago. The actual date of the First Americans arrival in Western Pennsylvania is 14,701 B. C.

Map of Wisconsin Glaciation circa 18,000 years ago

The small group settled south of the edge of the glacier in a rock shelter cave near a wide tributary of what is now the Ohio River. They found this Ancient Landscape very hospitable. There was abundance in game and edible plants. They were alone in Ancient Landscape and prospered. They flourished and multiplied. They hunted and gathered, toiled the soil, grew plants and enjoyed a prosperous life. Eventually some of their numbers traveled south. In the passage of Time,  fire appeared in the sky and the sun went dark for many months at the rock shelter. Some stayed at the Rockshelter but many began a migration down the Ohio River in the search for Light. Eventually, the sky cleared and the sun returned. As a great warming began, the some sons and daughters of the First Americans followed the Ohio River. It was revealed to Nance and Frank that as these ancients traveled they built small mound pyramids wherever they settled. Spiritual effigies that bridged heaven and earth by the thousands began to dot the Ancient Landscape.

Mound pyramid in Ohio

In the passage of Time they migrated down the Mississippi building Mound Pyramids wherever they settled along its banks.   Around 8, 000 years ago they entered into the Yucatan where they met others. Eventually the blending of peoples from many directions formed the Mayan Civilization. The Great Mayan Step Pyramids were a crowning achievement of this great new civilization, which grew in part out of the spiritual history and consciousness of those First Americans from Western Pennsylvania.

Mayan Step Pyramid at Tikal

Nance had studied archeology and anthropology and she knew this revelation had no basis in current archeological fact. In fact, it was astonishing and almost unbelievable. She knew that prevalent theory was that the first Americans crossed a land bridge in the Bering Straits about 12,000 years ago. And she knew that prevalent theory was that the mound pyramids were primitive copies of the great Mayan step pyramids and were built much later than those in the Yucatan. And she didn’t think that there were thousands of mound pyramids! She also did not know of very many in the Ohio River Valley. Because she and Frank had agreed to do their journey purely and not to refer to any sources, she accepted the astonishing information. She and Frank recorded the information they received and waited. They published much of it in their book Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music printed in the fall of 2001.

They didn’t have to wait long. Several readers of their book contacted them in late 2002 to tell them of a revolutionary book called the First Americans by J.M. Adovasio (cc.2002) that was turning the archeological world upside down. Low and behold the book revealed that the First Americans lived in a rock shelter, called Meadowcroft, located 15 miles southwest of Pittsburgh close to the banks of a tributary of the Ohio River called Cross Creek.

The book substantiated through one of the most carefully documented archeological digs in the Americas that they lived between 14,000-16,000 years ago.

Meadowcroft Rock Shelter

While the Dr. Advisor’s book does not attempt to solve where these First Americans came from and it does not verify the migration of their descendants into the Yucatan, it did establish the time and the place that Nance and Frank had received in their transmissions for the First Americans in North America. It verifies the nature and sophistication of the lifestyle of these First Americans that were revealed in transmissions to Nance and Frank, as well. Since 2002 the archeological dig at Meadowcroft Rock Shelter continues and it will open to the public in the spring of 2008.

The prevalent understanding of history was catching up to spiritual revelation. The First Americans also documented that the greatest concentration of mound pyramids is in the Ohio River Valley, the Great Serpent Mound, in Ohio being the largest effigy of a serpent in the world.  Native American legend connects this mound and the others in the Ohio River Valley to the Allegheny or Allegewi People,sometimes Tallegewi, who lived in Western Pennsylvania in a remotely ancient period, believed pre-Adena, i.e. Archaic or pre-Woodland (before 1200 B.C.E. approximately). By the way, the ancient name "Allegewi" is believed to be translated to mean  "the first ones" and is the source of the naming of the Allegheny Mountains and Allegheny River in Western Pennsylvania.  As quoted from the source linked above: "Because Native American legend has not been considered reliable by many academics over the last 200 years, the possible influence of an Allegheny nation has never become part of the Serpent Mound literature"  Unfortunately, this is typical of academics but should not be the mistake of those seeking truth.  Legend and myth are the seeds of hidden truths to be uncovered during this Time.

In fact, over 10,000 mound pyramids were in the Ohio River Valley alone!

After the publication of Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music in late 2001,Nance began to read books that were given to her by the readers of her and Frank’s book. Ami Scuilli gave one such book, The Mayan Calendar, by Carl Johan Calleman to her. That one book was a revelation in and of itself to Nance. Reading it opened up worlds of understanding of the journey she was taking with Frank and a greater and more reverent appreciation of the frequency of Sacred Time. After reading that one book, the gates opened.  Suddenly people sent her articles and books that in part dealt with a revised history of the mound pyramids. By 2004 prevalent theory was that the thousands of mound pyramids from the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys far pre-dated those in the Yucatan and those in the Ohio River Valley were the oldest! Finally there was evidence that the First Americans penchant for building mound pyramids was connected at least in thought and energy to the Mayans. Perhaps there is hidden evidence of the Pittsburgh Mayan Pyramid connection that has arisen from the collection unconscious.

Pittsburgh's Gulf Building and a Mayan Step Pyramid: We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

To punctuate that pyramid point even more here are two more examples of Pittsburgh architecture.

Pittsburgh's Fifth Avenue Place and the PPG Building

Something in the unconscious of the Pittsburgh Architects pops up and says "Build a pyramid!  Put a pyramid on that building!" because these are only a few examples of pyramid structures that dot the city of Pittsburgh and other places in Western Pennsylvania.

In several sources, Nance learned that a part of Mayan Cosmology revealed that the forefathers of the Mayans, the ancient ones, came from four directions-those forefathers from the North came from rockshelter caves.  However, to date there is no scientific evidence of a physical connection between those First Americans of Western Pennsylvania and the Mayans. Yet it is still early in the human genome tracking of ancient human migrations and Nance and Frank believe that that evidence will surface eventually through the analysis of Mitochondrial DNA in the Mayans, themselves. Finally, as of this date, there is also no evidence that the First Americans at Meadowcroft came from Europe by following the edge of the last great glacier. Nance and Frank will wait for this evidence to surface as well. They are sure it will.


The second secret Nance and Frank were guided to discover in the Ancient Landscape of Western Pennsylvania was a Universal Light Portal, one of twelve forming the Crown of Venus on the Earth. In 1977 Nance first received information about this Crown through her spiritual partner at the time, who had an amazing dream about something called The Crown of Venus. Her spiritual guides at the time did not elaborate on the nature or purpose of the Crown. However, over the next several decades Nance often dreamed of a Crown that covered the world and bathed it in Pure White Light. In addition, throughout those years occasional geometric transmissions spelled out the words “Crown of Venus.” Yet the Crown remained an elusive mystery to her. It was not until she met Frank that the mystery of the Crown was revealed.

Beginning in the late fall of 1998 Nance and Frank received transmissions revealing that twelve Universal Light Portals were hidden in the Ancient Landscape of Earth that formed a Crown on the Earth, The Crown of Venus. Over several years they learned more of the Crown.

First, each of the twelve Portals that formed the Crown was binary in nature. Knowing almost nothing of theoretical astrophysics, Nance and Frank received transmissions comparing these Portals to white holes, black holes, and wormholes.

 At one end of each Portal was a spiritual mini white hole that, once activated, transmitted Universal Light. At the other end of each Portal was a spiritual mini black hole that, once activated, absorbed suffering and darkness.  The two ends were connected by a subterranean and hidden mini spiritual wormhole.

Second, each of the twelve Portals was a geographical representation of the Tree of Life in the Heavens. In several fast paced transmissions Nance and Frank learned about this all pervasive archetype. THE TREE OF LIFE (immortal, perfect and as old as time, itself) is a symbol in the cosmologies of most all of Earth’s religions.

In all myths and religious teachings, it represents inexhaustible life force untouched by circumstances and the awakening to Divine Truth. The Tree of Life is therefore equivalent to the concept of immortality; it represents Life without Death. So important is the archetype of the Tree of Life that it is represented in Western, Eastern, and New World religions in various forms.

Through visions reflected in Mahajarom’s eyes and fleshed out in sacred geometric transmissions, Nance and Frank observed the ancients looking into the heaven and seeing the soul’s evolution throughout creation. Nance and Frank saw people before the dawn of history looking to the heavens to understand the journey of the soul and the purpose in human existence. As these ancient ones looked at the heavens, they observed a “High and Beautiful River” that spanned the night sky. That River of Stars is today called “The Milky Way.” Studying this River of Stars, the ancients observed the Soul’s journey. The passage south from the River of Stars in the Heavens into the Earth represented the incarnation of the Soul into physical existence. The passage north from Earth to the River of Stars in the Heavens represented the Soul’s journey back to the spiritual realms. The ancients observed in addition a dark place where the three heavenly Rivers of Stars converged. They imagined  that this Portal, Empty Space,  the Hidden Road, or the Dark River enabled the Soul to journey back to the Source. Today we know that this Dark Rift in our Milky Way Galaxy is the location of the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy.

As Human history dawned, the ancients searched for representations on the Earth of the Tree of Life that they had observed in the Heavens. Anywhere where two things converged to form a third with an underground or hidden aspect was considered sacred. This was true particularly of rivers. Rivers, which flow south to north, were always considered to be very sacred because they represent the Soul’s journey back to the spiritual realms. Underground and hidden rivers were considered even more sacred and mysterious because they provided access to the “Other World” that leads to the Source of all Creation.

On the earth in twelve secret hidden places-- three mountain ranges, three ancient roads, three fissures in the earth, three finger lakes, three bodies of land, three ancient temples, three ancient tombs, three canyons, three scars in the ancient landscape, three ancient caves, and three rivers-- converge with a hidden fourth to geographically form the Heavenly Tree of Life on the Earth. In these places lay the twelve Portals of the Crown of Venus, hidden until the end of this Cycle of Creation.

Third, each Portal lay dormant until a fully conscious Twin Soul was guided to find and activate the mini black hole part of each Portal first.

Fourth, all parts of each binary Portal were to be activated fully by November 2007.

Fifth,  In Performing Something Like the Miracle of Fire and Water, once the intricate balance between suffering being absorbed and light being transmitted was reached, each Portal would light up like a luminous jewel and form a Crown of Light over the earth in 2011 bathing the earth in Universal Light.

Sixth and finally, the transmissions continually connected the twelve portals and The Crown of Venus to the Mayans.

Nance and Frank learned that one Portal of the Crown of Venus was hidden in the Ancient Landscape of Western Pennsylvania, the only such Portal in North American. Much of their spiritual work together from 1999-August 25, 2001 was to locate this Portal and to prepare themselves as a Twin Soul for its activation.

It was easy for them to locate the mini white hole part of Pittsburgh's Portal. At Pittsburgh’s historic point, four unique rivers converge to form The Tree of Life on the earth. There the Monongahela River (meaning "river flowing backwards") flows south to north to converge with the Allegheny River (meaning “the first ones”), which flows north to south. The convergence of these two rivers forms a perfect triangle from which flows the Ohio River. “Ohio,” by no coincidence, is the Native American word meaning “High and Beautiful.” From the convergent point of these three rivers flows a fourth underground river. The transmissions revealed that Pittsburgh’s Sacred River System was the only place on Earth where a river system matched exactly the Tree of Life or in the heavens.

Pittsburgh's Point at Night

The Mini white hole of the Pittsburgh Maya or Maha Yuga Portal of the Crown of Venus was at historic Three Rivers Point. Nance and Frank's transmissions revealed that this part of the Portal was to be activated by many in November 2006. It was for them to find the mini black hole part of the Portal by following in the hidden underground fourth river, the spiritual wormhole that connected each part. The part of the Portal in their keeping would be found somewhere north of the City of Pittsburgh near the source of that fourth hidden river.

By the fall of 2000 they found the general area where the black hole part of the Portal should be located, but they hadn’t found the Portal. In October of 2000 in three fantastical transmissions, they learned that they had to find and activate that part of the Pittsburgh Portal before September 2001. Their transmissions revealed that from September 12-17 2001 a decision would be made that would place the entire planet on the path of purification and that the last World War of this Cycle of Creation would begin then. The transmissions revealed that this was an inevitable event and could not be changed. However, a divine mitigation could occur in Western Pennsylvania that would place the world on a more favorable path before the war began. The part of the Portal in their keeping had to be activated in order for this mitigation to happen.

Frank accepted all of this information with detachment. Nance couldn’t believe it. It was too fantastical and too overwhelming to her. However, with Frank’s help, the help of trusted friends with whom they shared this information, and with the guidance of Mahajarom, she put aside her doubts and fears and yielded to the guidance.

The Black Hole part of Pittsburgh’s Portal was activated by Nance and Frank on August 25, 2001. A Greek seer and clairvoyant named, Maia, who was guided by her own transmissions  to travel from Clearwater Florida to witness the activation, joined them. Within minutes of the activation all three heard a thundering noise and felt the ground shake. It was as if a massive tree had fallen to earth from the heavens. All three searched for the source of the sound and shaking but found nothing. Later that night, a magnificent Light Being visited Maia. The Being told her to find the pyramid and the stone. At dawn’s light, she searched. About 50 feet from the spot of the activation the night before, she saw five enormous pine trees that formed a perfect pyramid against the morning sky. Behind it she found a large flat stone. It had not been there before! The Portal!

Almost from the beginning, all three could hear screams, cries, terrible explosions and other horrible noises being absorbed into the stone. These horrific sounds were unnerving to Nance and Maia, but not to Frank. He listened with ears that could hear and understood the significance of what was occurring with perfect detachment. Also from the beginning gravity was very heavy on and around the stone and linear time literally slowed down. Once to a zero point.  And physical objects placed on the stone always disappear eventually.

As September 12th approached the sounds grew louder and more sustained finally reaching a fevered pitch the night before September 11, 2001. Of course, we all know now what occurred on that fateful day.  And we know that  a mitigation did occur in Western Pennsylvania that placed all earth on a slightly more favorable path. The downing of Flight 93 by its passengers in Western Pennsylvania prevented that plane from hitting its target, the US Congress.

Flight 93 Crash Site in Shanksville, Western Pennsylvania

 Would any one even want to imagine where the world would be right now if many in Congress would have been wounded or killed that day? Would anyone even want to imagine what President Bush would have done if that had occurred? In accordance with the inevitable event, the choice to place the planet at war occurred at 6PM on September 12, 2007 when President Bush met with top Pentagon officials and declared war.  On September 20, 2001 at 9 PM President Bush addressed Congress with the  “you are with us or against us” declaration speech. The war in the heavens began to be waged on earth and continues to this day. The Purification and Times of Great Tribulation began.

That war still rages on this planet and the black hole part of Pittsburgh’s Portal is still absorbing the suffering of earth, her animals, and her people. Frank currently lives near that part of the Portal.  His work, in large part, is to be the human observer of the suffering being absorbed. He does so with dedication and with detachment each day and each night.

By November 2006 many people in the City of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania had read Nance and Frank’s book or had heard them speak of Pittsburgh’s Portal. Due to Nance and Frank's work or their own individual guidances, many in the City of Pittsburgh became interested in the Mayan Calendar and its meaning for our times.  On November 23, 2006 (Thanksgiving Day in American) many people in the city of Pittsburgh in their own ways were guided to activate the white hole part of Pittsburgh’s Portal located at the Pittsburgh’s Point. That day was the first day of the year long Mayan Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld according to Carl Calleman and others, who had interpreted the Mayan Calendar. While the Fifth Mayan Day (November 23, 2006-November 19, 2007) brought many transforming energies to this planet, the Universal Light that broke through that linear time year has been revered by many Light workers in Pittsburgh. This Fifth Mayan Day, called Breakthrough to Light and ruled by the Lord of Light, was a reverent and wonderful year long day among many in Western Pennsylvania and in the world, who have embraced the transformation of consciousness that is preparing Earth and all Her life forms for a change in Cosmic Address. In addition, Western Pennsylvanian's have joined much of the world to embrace and honor the Mayans and their sacred Mayan Calendar, whose Sacred Time Frequencies guide the transformation process occurring on Planet Earth.

So, are there any reality tests to Nance and Frank’s experiences and transmissions in regard to The Crown of Venus and Pittsburgh’s Maya Yuga Portal?

Yes, there is.

First, black holes, theoretical when Nance and Frank received detailed astrophysical information were scientifically verified in 2000. The
Hubble Telescope, Chandra Telescope and other telescopes even have pictures of them. In fact, it is now commonly accepted that a super massive black hole exists at the center of all galaxies, not just the Milky Way.

Hubble Telescope:XRay Shine of Superheated Material Falling Into a Black Hole

And that mini black holes are everywhere in the universe even close to our sun.

Hubble: Ancient Black Hole speeing Through Sun's Galactic Neighborhood, Devouring a Companion Star

The mini black hole, white hole and wormhole configuration is a major part of theoretical astrophysics today. While white hole and wormholes have not been scientifically verified or photographed yet, many think it is only time before this occurs. In early December 2007 The History Channel’s weekly episode of The Universe aired a special called "Cosmic Holes" that dealt with the most update information on the phenomena in the universe and maybe on earth. And as for mini black hole, white holes and wormholes on earth? Well, yes, theoretically it is possible.  In fact the History Channel in 2007 released a special called “Mini Black Holes on Earth.” This special outlined the properties of this phenomenon if it existed on earth and many think some do. Heavy gravity, time slowing and objects disappearing would be the phenomena experienced at a mini black hole on earth. Sound familiar? And don’t worry they can’t swallow the earth. But maybe they can absorb Earth's suffering!

Second, The Tree of Life is described exactly as Nance and Frank have described in too many sources to name. The Mayan World Tree is one of the most important aspects of Mayan Cosmology.

The World Tree is the most pervasive Maya symbol of the creation and ordering of the world. It is the axis of the Earth-Sky. Its roots lie in the Underworld, Xibalba, and its top reaches into the heavens. In the post-Conquest Books of Chilam Balam, it is named Yax Imix Che, (first or green ceiba tree),  "raised in the middle of the world." It is named in the Temple of the Cross at Palenque as the Wakah Chan, the "raised up sky."

The World Tree is symbolized by the Milky Way.  On the night of August 13, the date of creation,  the Milky Way stands erect at dawn, running through the zenith from north to south. It becomes the axis of the heavens, the raised up sky.  See "Raising the Sky: The Maya Creation Myth and the Milky Way"

Third, those who have experienced the mini black hole of Pittsburgh’s Portal have recounted similar experiences to Nance and Frank’s. After the activation of the mini white hole aspect of Pittsburgh’s Portal in November, 2006 orbs of light have been seen by many all over Western Pennsylvania. Are these phenomena associated with that part of the Portal. The answer is “yes.”

Orbs in Western Pennsylvania

And finally, while it is unlikely that the city father’s of Pittsburgh knew consciously of a Universal Light Portal in Pittsburgh, they did name the bridge over Point State Park “ The Portal Bridge” in 2002.

Portal Bridge with view of Fountain feed by the waters of the Fourth Hidden River 

Visitors to Pittsburgh will also see the word “Gateway” (a synonym of Portal) everywhere-on buildings, on bridges, as business names. No coincidence!

Fourth, what of the Crown of Venus, its twelve Universal Light Portals, and their connection to the Mayans? Certainly any student of Mayan Cosmology is familiar with the Mayan reverence for the planet Venus.


Quetzalcoatl and Venus are intricately connected in Mayan Cosmology and myth.

Quetzalcoatl (Kukulhan) and Venus

In fact, some scholars believe the Maya focused primarily on the planet Venus, ignoring the majority of the other heavenly bodies except our sun. Eventually the Mayans developed such a detailed knowledge of Venus’ movements as to be fairly accurate about its position at all times. The importance of Maya astronomy and its cosmological associations are important because of Quetzalcoatl's association with Venus. Some Mayan scholars infer that the significance of Venus and its association with Quetzalcoatl is the primary core of the understanding of Mayan cosmology. This is all true but what of the Crown of Venus and its connection to the Maya? Since the beginning of their journey together in the fall of 1998, Nance and Frank knew that the ultimate revelation of this connection was to be revealed by the Mayans themselves. Will it be revealed through a secret glyph soon to be interpreted or will in be revealed in some other more mysterious way? Nance and Frank don’t know but they know that revelation will occur soon.

In closing, the above has been in part the transmissions and experiences of Nance ( Erhardt) Stewart and Frank (Bennett) Keller as it relates to Pittsburgh’s Mayan Connection as far as they can take it. But it goes much further. It is for the Mayans themselves to reveal the actual connection between one part of earth’s ancient landscape to another. It is for the Mayan’s themselves to reveal the true nature and essence of the Crown of Venus and perhaps much more. It is for the Mayans to reveal that which is Mayan. No one else can do that unless delegated by them. Nance and Frank believe that in the fullness of Divine Time all will be revealed, including the full understanding of Pittsburgh’s Mayan Connection. When the revelation comes, it will be for Nance and Frank the culmination of a remarkable journey within the Ancient Landscape upon which Pittsburgh was built. When it comes it will be for the people of Western Pennsylvania and, most importantly the Ancient Landscape, a fullfillment of a prophecy.

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Posted: 13 January 2008 at 7:19pm | IP Logged Quote Crownvortex

As many of you know the Mayan Elders visited Pittsburgh on December 11-13, 2007. Later a post will be made about that visit.  In conjunction with the convergence of the Mayans to one of the places of their ancestors, Western Pennsylvania, we will from time to time post messages from the Mayan elders in this weave of the forum.  This is first.

> Good day,
> Please distribute immediately,
> Sorry this is such late notice, but I just got the final details and
> request directly
> from Mayan Elder, Don Alejandro Oxlaj:
> We have a significant opportunity to help empower the intentions of our
> Grand Mayan
> Elder, Don Alejandro Oxlaj, who will be giving a speech in the
> Inauguration Ceremony
> of the new president of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom, on Monday, January 14th,
> 2008:
> I will be distributing Don Alejandro's speech, at his request, after he
> delivers
> it on Monday.
> This is yet another fulfillment of the Eagle and Condor prophecy, where
> the modern,
> technological world unites with the heart and intuition of indigenous
> wisdom. President
> Colom himself is a non-Mayan Mayan Priest, who has been a student of Don
> Alejandro
> Oxlaj. President Colom has formed a board of indigenous elders, lead by
> Don Alejandro,
> that he will regularly consult with.
> Don Alejandro has asked us to unite with him and other elders on January
> 14th with
> a shared intention aligned with the speech he will be giving. Here is the
> Concordance
> for all day January 14th in whatever time zone you are in:
> 1. Ground and center yourself in your own spiritual practice, then move
> your awareness
> to your heart center, feeling love, appreciation and compassion for all
> life, and
> respect and honoring of our indigenous elders on every continent, past and
> present.
> 2. See and feel the world united in oneness. See and feel Guatemala and
> the world
> in peace and harmony, in fulfillment of the Mayan prophecies of this time.
> Appreciate
> the living presence and deep wisdom of the Mayan people as Guatemala and
> the world
> recognize this precious wisdom from the Heart of the Earth.
> 3. Affirm with our Mayan Elders:
> In the name of the Heart of the Heavens; Heart of the Earth, thank you.
> Let the
> Spirit of our Ancestors, our Grand Mothers and Grand Fathers, be here
> today.
> Brothers and Sisters of all colors, holding hands around the planet, we
> are one,
> like the fingers of one hand. Let us reflect on this, let us meditate and
> pray
> in our own way, in our own language, according to our own culture or
> religion, because
> we have only one Sun to shine upon us equally, one air that we breathe and
> give
> us life, one water that we drink and becomes blood in our veins, and we
> all live
> on our one Mother Earth. She feeds us, she holds us. Brothers and Sisters
> of all
> colors, together united we ask to be guided on the good path, to give us
> good thinking,
> strengthen our hearts and our faith, strengthen the conscience of the
> governors
> of our communities and of our nations. Illuminate us, so there can be Life
> for our
> children and our children's children.
> We are one, like the fingers of one hand. We are the ones of yesterday. We
> are the
> ones of today.
> Thank you Heart of the Heavens. Thank you Heart of the Earth.
> 4. Smile in your heart to our Sisters and Brothers around the Earth
> joining with
> us right now in oneness.
> Thank you.
> All my best,
> Joseph Giove
> Executive Director
> See also:
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