Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music: Recollection of a Composite Soul
is the true story of two relatively ordinary human beings who enter into
a Twin Soul Matrix in 1999 to fulfill the Prophecies of the Creation Path.
Joined by a Greek Seer, they discover a secret hidden in the Ancient Landscape
of the United States of America, the New Atlantis, before September 11, 2001.
The secret, revealed in this remarkable book, illuminates the path where the
survival and transformation of the Human Species exists at this most critical
time in Human Evolution. Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music is the complete
chronicle of the Human Journey to the end of this Time of our Times in 2013.
Providing an energetic map to the place where the healing has already occurred for
Earth and All Of Her Life forms, reading this book is a must for all those who
choose Transformation, are prepared to enter a New Physics of Light, and are
eager to make the transition to a new Cosmic Address.

Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music is the story of two relatively ordinary human beings who in companionship with the Consciousness of the Earth collect the energies of the Past, the Future, the Above, and the Below to anchor and illuminate the Creation Path on Planet Earth. Their journey of pure experience reveals the energetic process of the Human Journey from 1999 to the end of this Cycle of Creation in 2013 and beyond. If you are weary of the suffering and long for the healing where it already exists, Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music is an energetic map to that destination.






Excerpt from the book:

is speaking to us as our mother, companion, and teacher. She knows another voice speaks to us, as well. She speaks of the majesty of all life and the potential that exists in the coming transformation. The other voice speaks of doom, destruction, and war. The Earth speaks to us through our experiences in the physical world, and through powerful archetypes and symbols of the unconscious that arise in our dreams, our visions, and in our tangible relationships with one another and with Her. To be attentive to these various communications awakens us to the realization of the collective aspect of our being and offers the choice for the Creation Path.”

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