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The Will or Throat Chakra is located at the bottom of the neck in the back and in the middle of the throat in the front. The Throat Chakra is the seat of the Higher Will and is the gateway to the upper Spiritual Chakras. The energy of this Chakra is devoted to communication by both hearing and speaking and is responsible for the sense of hearing and the psychic ability of clairaudience. The Higher Will Power Chakra resonates to the Coherent Light Ray of blue and is also ruled by the element of ether. The Old Age Archetype of this Chakra is expressed in two ways. First, it is represented by the person who is shy, reticent, and cannot speak the truth of matters because of fear of rejection. Second, it is represented by the orator, who uses speech and rhetoric to persuade or manipulate and establish personal authority. The New Light and New Time Archetype is expressed in the energy of a teacher who communicates the truth of the Soul as he or she experiences it. The teacher does not wish to establish personal authority, but, rather through the processes of induction, opens a space for others to discover and speak the truth of their own Soul’s journey. This ability to voice the truths of the Soul is attuned to the receiving of guidance through the psychic ability of clairaudience. The ability to hear or speak psychically via guided writing, channeling, trans-mediumship, and telepathy are linked with this Chakra. The Higher Will Power Chakra is directly linked to the Soul and is a vehicle of the Soul’s expression. The Soul will also send or receive guidance from Higher Beings through the psychic channels available through this Chakra. The energy of the Higher Will Power Chakra enables us to define ourselves in the world and gives rise to discovering the Soul’s vocation at its highest expression. This Chakra is connected to the lesser-known triangular Chakra called the Alter Major Chakra, which is located in the sinus cavities on either side of the nose and at the base of the throat in the back. The Alter Major Chakra contains the memory of survival during times of extreme change and is directly connected to the Planetary Consciousness. The fields of influence that are assisting in the transmutation of the Higher Will Power Chakra and the Alter Major Chakra for Earth and Her Life forms from 1999-2011 is the vibration of Sacred Spaces.